COVID Protection Framework – Orange Setting

We are currently at COVID Protection Framework – Orange Setting. This means that school is open following Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education Guidelines. Our students will need to remain in their class bubbles during class time, but can now play in all areas outside.  Current Ministry of Health

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Welcome to Ridgeview School

Creating Confident Connected Lifelong Learners

Principal's Welcome

Tena koutou e nga whanau
Greetings to all families

Welcome to RidgeView! I am delighted to introduce you to our little school with a big heart.

Our School

RidgeView is a semi-rural school. We are situated about 8km outside of Albany on a private road. The school is surrounded by quiet green farmland and there is a real country feeling to the area. Most of our children come from the local village and surrounding area, and walk, cycle or scooter to school.
We are divided into three learning areas: Waahi Koru where our junior students learn through a mix of play, Waahi Pitau where our middle school students learn, and Waahi Pakari where our senior students learn. However, we move through the learning areas to groups and activities appropriate for our learning levels. We are small enough that everyone knows each other and we feel like a large family, but have the advantages of being close to a large city. The Maori principle of tuakana-teina relationships can be seen every day on our playground and in our classrooms.

Our school values are respect, excellence, and positive relationships, and we all aim to be fantastic RidgeView REPs who model these values. Our students are regularly commended on their great sportsmanship, have-a-go attitude and exemplary behaviour when we are on trips or at sporting events.

Rachael Kemball



Monday, October 3


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